Characteristics of a prefabricated hall

We supply the halls as single-nave storage facilities. In the case of a request for a multi-ship hall or a gantry crane, we can process an individual price offer.

We supply the hall with complete project documentation of the steel structure.
If required, we can process the project of establishing an object.
The halls are made of rolled steel profile. The purlin are either rolled or as thin-walled Z-purlin.
The hall is designed as prefabricated.
Cladding: PUR, PIR panels, mineral panels, plating

Construction of a prefabricated hall

Realization of a prefabricated hall

Graman prefabricated hall

Cladding of a prefabricated hall

Folded roof cladding

- the lower layer of the supporting trapezoidal profile on which the insulation (PIR, PUR, Polystyrene, Mineral wool) is installed and the upper covering is a special PVC profile or trapezoidal sheet metal.

Roof sandwich insulation panel

- with built-in thermal insulation in PUR, PIR, Mineral wool

Trapezoidal roofing

- also in anti-condensation version

Graman-krytina montovanej haly
Sandwich facade profile

(also in anti-condensation version)
Facade sandwich insulation panel, which contains thermal insulation in the design of PUR, PIR, Mineral wool.

Trapezoidal facade profile

- wall cassette in which the thermal insulation (PIR, PUR, polystyrene, Mineral wool) is placed. The upper visible part of the facade consists of a facade trapezoidal profile with a different profile, or a coffered aluminum ventilated facade.

Graman-krytina montovanej haly

Graman Prefabricated Hall

Basic geometry

Prefabricated hall type A

Hall geometry type A

H = 4,5,6,7,8,9 m
B = 10,12,15,18,20 m
L (length) = .... m

Prefabricated hall type AT

Hall geometry type AT

H = 4,5,6,7,8,9 m
B = 10,12,15,18,20 m
L (length) = .... m

Prefabricated hall type P

Hall geometry type P

H = 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 m
B = 12,15,18,20,24 m
L (length) = .... m

Prefabricated hall type PP

Hall geometry type PP

H = 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 m
B = 12,15,18,20,24 m
L (length) = .... m